My name is Kristine Go. I am an artist that went to school for fashion & textile design who works in the apparel industry & loves yoga enough to teach it.  Of course, the obvious thing to do was to start a yoga apparel company - Go Yoga.

It actually wasn't that obvious though.  For years, I'd dream about designing for myself.  Always had an excuse on why it could not happen - fear, doubt, not enough time or resources.  In October 2017, I gave up all the excuses & created Go Yoga.  And now I get to design all the prints & patterns for every pant.  Each season the company evolves as new opportunities come up.  Pop-up shops with yoga classes, pants created to support a cause, "Me & my mini" pants. The possibilities are endless. Had I not given up the fear, I would probably still be dreaming, energetically asleep. 

My intention around Go Yoga & for others is to GO take action. Give up the fear & make the thing you keep thinking about a reality.  Be curious & see what happens. xo