It seems that every time I say I would never do something, I end up doing it. The other day I had dinner with a new friend. We were getting to know each other and I was basically telling her my life story in an hour. What we both got to and laughed about is that it seems that the greatest things in my life happened when I said, "No. I can't. I won't. Never." Now this seems very odd and counterintuitive for me because I am a Certified Baptiste Yoga teacher and one of the Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga is "Be a Yes." Ever since I learned this concept - even before teacher training - I believed that I was a "Yes" to everything and that all the great things happened because I was a "Yes" first.  Actually, no.  I'm a big first. I mean it makes sense, when babies learn to talk, generally one of their first words is No.  

I have said repeatedly that I would never start a 'written blog'. I have a blog project already,  Pattern Curator. Even with that, my first thought was no one is going to follow it or would be interested. Millions of views later, consulting gigs and a now a viable business, who knew. The other thing I said I could never do because it would be too hard was start clothing company and look where we are. I also said I would never teach a yoga class.  I announced at the first day of training that I was just in teacher training to deepen my practice.  Fast forward 7 years later and 1200 teaching hours, I haven't stopped teaching since my first 200 RYT training.  Instead I've taught and been a guest teacher at studios across the US.  This is what I mean, I tend to say that things will never happen and then things happen.

Maybe it's skepticism, doubt and fear that shows up first. All of the "I can't, I won't, I shouldn't. No." shows up right away. It's what's next that matters. That's where the "Be a Yes" comes in.  There's always the option is to stay in that "No" mentality and do nothing, gain nothing, have nothing - never do anything. Or there's another option, to take on the "Yes" mentality for something - a different experience, gain insights and/or possibly change the world you live in. The beauty in all this is that you get to create this "Yes" experience over and over and over again as you wish. I am. Yes, I am writing the first blog entry for Go Yoga.

My intention for this blog is to share the random thoughts, experiences and stories - could be mine, could be from others, we'll see how this goes. It could be the behind the scenes or class pop-up schedules. Maybe it's a stream of consciousness. Open to whatever gets created from this experience.


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