About Us

GO YOGA by Pattern Curator is a company that design & sells printed yoga pants.  All print & pattern artwork for each pant is an original design created with love.

The purpose of GO YOGA is to promote full self expression & share the possibility of living your yoga practice.  It's important that we all do what we are meant to do. The company vision is to grow so that we can provide opportunities to all to do all. By supporting GO YOGA, we will support you by steadily providing fun yoga pants to wear.

We are a USA based company with manufacturing in Montreal, Canada.

Kristine Go is the owner & designer for GO YOGA.  GO YOGA's parent company is Pattern Curator LLC, which focuses on fashion trend forecasting as it pertains to color, print & pattern.  By applying the practice of yoga & integrating that with the principles of art & design, Kristine inspires artists & designers to create at their fullest potential - the blog PatternCurator.org reaches almost 5 million viewers to date. She has worked in the fashion industry for 20 years with a focus in textile design & trend forecasting. Kristine is also a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.  GO YOGA is the fusion of her love of yoga & design.  She believes in inspiration, collaboration & community in all areas of life.

For inquiries or comments, please email us at:  info@goyogapants.com